Does Martial Arts Teach Our Kids To Be Violent ?

Sometimes parents wonder if martial arts are violent… so I thought I’d swing by and ease your mind.

NO! Martial arts are not violent, and they don’t make kids violent either!

In fact, just the opposite is true. Kids gain confidence, learn about diplomacy (talking through things instead of fighting), and truly learn about respect.

The result: They’re calmer, better behaved, and more respectful than ever. Plus, it’s a great workout too that helps them get out excess energy and stay healthy.

While martial arts teaches physical skills, tools and tactics, it has more to do with empowerment and self control when a confrontation or conflict arises.  So yes, martial arts does teach your kids to WALK STRONG TALL and PROUD, and to have the mindset and ability to protect themselves.  But not to Seek it out!

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